My name is Shae - I’ve been doing work related to what I prefer to call “social criticism” (though also “cultural criticism”) on and offline for the better part of the past decade.

The project aims at what I somewhat anachronistically call a “phenomenological reduction” of social phenomena to their ultimate redundancy in private consciousness. Preliminarily, this means that nothing worth saying can be so without an ultimate, explicit reference to its origin in subjective consciousness. That is, no claim bearing on subjects (human individuals) can be made without, if only in a single sentence, ultimately referencing the person who speaks it. Nor, moreover, can anything bearing on those same individuals be said without an ultimate justification in its possibly being said again. Thus, if I say that “Welfare is bad,” I must, in the last analysis, mean something like “Welfare changes subjective experience for the worse, so that no human individual could have improved experiences under a welfare regime.” The full explication of any social or cultural claim must always, in my view, be reduced to its phenomenological origin in the transcendental apperception of the subject who claims it. Experience is the final justifier of truth.

This is hard to understand, I’m aware. I’ll clarify it further some time soon.